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My Story

I found out early that music would change my life.

I have made it my life's pursuit to return the favor.

I want to make music that makes a difference to someone.


My love of music ignited when I heard my father sing, was tempered by the support of my family and fed by an amazing group of friends who, through their generosity, have helped me become a singer/songwriter with a purpose.

I love how music connects people to a place, a time, an emotion. The songs that changed my life made me feel more alive, less remote and set fire to my imagination.

The songs I write come from personal stories or experiences I’ve witnessed. I was born a hopeful romantic so many of my songs are about navigating the peaks and perils of relationships.


I have performed for crowds in local coffee shops, bars, restaurants, clubs, and resorts.  I've also been hired to perform for weddings, private parties, corporate conventions and holiday gatherings.


I plan to release my first album of original songs titled "A Spark Is Caught" soon and can’t wait for you to hear what I’ve been working on!


I haven’t done this alone. I am fueled by my family. Becoming a father has brought its own challenges, but with the greatest of rewards. I 've learned so much from my son and am in a place in my life where I feel I have so much to say and so much to share. 


Thank you for visiting my site.

Please enjoy the music and videos.

Check out my calendar to see where I’ll be next!


Tyler Nielson Music
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